Kalli-kalli kindergarten offers a child-oriented, secure, homely and flexible playing and learning environment, where special attention is paid to observing and supporting the child’s development.

We believe that the strengths of Kalli-kalli kindergarten are:

the best and the happiest teachers

strong and exciting curriculum
observation of the personal development of every child.

Why do we believe it?


  • We have always a strong competition for the teacher's job. Therefore we have the opportunity to select the best teachers to work with our children.
  • We pay much attention to the good working conditions of our teachers. Only together with a happy and satisfied teacher the children can feel good in the kindergarten.
  • We give the child and the parents enough time for adapting with the kindergarten by applying a calm and smooth adaption methodology. Our teachers love children and the children love them. Come and see yourself!
  • We encourage the teachers and  the parents to give feedback to each other in order to create a good communication between the kindergarten and the family. 
  • Our assistant teachers are dedicated to children. They have no other responsibilities in the kindergarten than working with the children.

Educational activities

  • Our aim is to ensure that every child will be well prepared for a good school and that he/she will be doing well in the school.
  • We encourage children to mutual cooperation in study activities. In addition to teaching new knowledge we also develop humanity and communication skills of the children. 
  • Our study activities are playful and exciting which helps to preserve the child's interest in learning also in his/her future life. 
  • In our educational activities we follow the Estonian National Curriculum and we apply project-based learning.

Personal development of the child
  • Every year teachers prepare a thorough and personal e-portfolio of each child.
  • Every spring teachers write a thorough progress report about every child.
  • There are teacher-parent meetings held for families at least once in a school year.
  • Teachers observe the development of  every child and prepare study activities suitable to him/her.

And more... :)
  • We have small classes of 17-20 children in a class and most of the day there are three adults working with them.
  • Every Friday teachers send an e-mail to the parents of their class with an overview of the last week's activities.
  • We have a wide choice of extracurricular activities.
  • For children who do not need day-time nap anymore we shall find alternative activities.


Our mission  is to be a kindergarten where every child wants to come. 


The vision of  Kalli-kalli kindergarten is to be a highly valued private kindergarten of good image which offers the opportunity of constant learning through playing and creative activities.